About Skaret Lodge

Ringvassøya is Norway’s sixth largest island with its area of 660 km². The island is well known for both its tranquility and its rough yet beautiful scenery. Here you’ll be able to experience the massive Northern Norwegian nature ranging from sea to summit.

The area that today houses Skaret Lodge has throughout the years been used as a popular excursion hurt for skiers, hikers and hunters. The site has previously been used for both camping and hotel purposes. Our completely renovated Master Lodge used to be the service house for surrounding accommodation. Skaret Lodge is situated perfectly at the beginning of Grønnliskaret, a scenic natural ridge following the terrain westwards all the way to the sea.

Today Skaret Lodge is run by the two siblings Camilla and Fredrik Olsen. Over the years they have spent numerous nights in the area at their very own family cabin. They share a common passion for the great outdoors, good food and for great experiences. When their family, led by prominent investor and entrepreneur Kjetil Olsen, invested in this land a couple of years ago, they soon agreed to make the area available for others to enjoy. They set out on a family endevour with one purpose only – creating the perfect place to absorb and enjoy the best of what Northern Norway has to offer.

High quality and professionalism is always at the core of what Camila and Fredrik do. They strive to make every guest’s stay as memorable and enjoyable as possible. From the recessed luxurious interior details and high-end craftsmanship, to the detailed and customized planning of excursions and activities. Make sure to let your hosts know if you have special wishes for your stay. They will off course make the extra effort to realize and maybe even surpass your expectations. At Skaret Lodge anything is possible.

Living is supposed to be good at Skaret Lodge. Situated in perfect harmony with the surroundings, all cabins provide contemporary accommodation – and then some. Atmospheric, facilitated and inviting they allow all guests to make the most of every minute spent here. That is why we simply say – Live. Explore. Enjoy. Relax.